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Different Varieties Of Pumps

A pump is a machine that is used to make work easy in moving of liquids like water from one place to the other with the aid of pressure. Pumps have been in use since time memorial and is still being used to date. Different advancements have been made when it comes to the use of pump technology to increase the efficiency of moving fluids like water from one place to the other. There exist different varieties of pipes differentiated by their functionality and where they are used.

Pumps are divided into two types that is dynamic pumps and positive displacement pumps. Centrifugal pumps are type of dynamic pumps that operates by the difference in the fluids pressures in the outlet and inlet of the pump. The difference in the pressure is what drives the pump when pumping the fluids in a plant. Centrifugal pump has been in existence longest since it was the first concept of a pump that was invented. The advancements in technology has resulted into development of more sophisticated centrifugal pumps.

Another type of dynamic pump is the submersible pump that operates when fully submerged in water. They are made to function while in water and a good example is the septic pumps. Fire hydrant pump uses diesel or electricity to function in pumping water or any other liquid and is also a type of dynamic pump. The fire hydrant system has parts that are designed to work in solidarity to ensure the liquids are pumped in a proper manner.

There are also positive displacement pumps like diaphragm pumps which are mainly driven by air. The air used to run the pump is directed in a way that it will aid the whole system to pump the liquids in a required manner. These pumps can be used for different purposes including transfer of chemical liquids in dangerous environments or conditions. Gear pumps depend on fluids to move in the fluids that help to create the pumping movement. They are capable of pumping water at high pressures and succeed in pumping highly viscous liquids efficiently.

Peristaltic pumps are pumps that can be used for dosing and blending of fluids of a wide variety. These type of pumps can be found in industries that deal with production of liquids that need to be mixed or blended to give out what is desired like in the food processing industries. There is also piston pump that is a type of positive displacement pump that works when the high pressure seals moves alternatively with the piston in the pump. Piston pumps are very famous in various areas of production where they are used in creating and processing products into the final product.

How I Achieved Maximum Success with Help

How I Achieved Maximum Success with Help

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